Let me begin by saying 99% of the people in my life do not know I’m a millionaire minimalist. Why? It’s not something I brag about or discuss because it seems so many people are struggling with money or finding their motivation.  Most judge me on based on appearance, and because I’m not flashy, I don’t own a big house and I don’t drive a high end SUV, everyone assumes I’m just getting by.  I’m not.

I’ve been living a simple minimalist life for almost two decades and use the Internet on a daily basis to learn from others who share the same goals.  The problem is most sites aren’t focused on being financially successful.  Sure getting rid of all your stuff is great, but if you’d aren’t making good money how do you get to experience all the world has to offer?  Sure you can get down to the barebones, travel around in a backpack with all of your possessions, but that’s a bit extreme for me.

My goal is to share my experiences and take what works for your life.